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Help with the establishment of processes to ensure that advice to clients is systematically and
     comprehensively recorded
Establishment of process for the resolution of complaints and help with related communication
Establishment of process for the management of conflict of interests and disclosure to clients

6 Step Financial Planning Process

File Checklist

Service Agreement

Authority and Appointment
Information Sheet
CAR Risk
CAR Investment
CAR Combined Risk and Investment
(not available yet)
Risk Profile Analyser
CAR Medical
Needs Analysis Short-term: Commercial
(not available yet)

Needs Analysis Short-term: Personal
(not available yet)

CAR Short term: Commercial
CAR Short-term: Personal
Replacement Disclosure: ASISA
Replacement Disclosure: General
Confirmation Letter: Risk
Confirmation Letter: Lump Sum Investment
Confirmation Letter: Recurring Premium Savings
Review Process
(not available yet)

6 Stap Finansiele Beplanningsproses

Lêer Kontrolelys


Magtiging en Aanstelling
KAR Risiko
KAR Belegging
KAR Gekombineer Risiko en Belegging
(nog nie beskikbaar nie)
KAR Medies
Behoefte Ontleding Korttermyn: Kommersieel
(nog nie beskikbaar nie)
Behoefte Ontleding Korttermyn: Persoonlik
(nog nie beskikbaar nie)
KAR Korttermyn: Kommersieel
KAR Korttermyn: Persoonlik
Vervangingsopenbaarmaking: ASISA
Vervangingsopenbaarmaking: Algemeen
Bevestigingsbrief: Risiko
Bevestigingsbrief: Belegging

Bevestigingsbrief: Herhalende Premie Spaar
(nog nie beskikbaar nie)

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