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The appointment of Infinitus as Compliance Officer on record linked to your business
Establishing a Risk Management Plan for the business and the continuous update and management
     thereof with every quarterly visit to the practice
Help with the establishment of processes and documentation to ensure compliance with the stated
Report to management with every quarterly visit regarding findings and recommendations
Completion and submission of annual compliance report to the FSB

Risk Management Plan
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Strategic and Business Plan
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Business Continuity Plan
(not available yet)

Policy on Management of Complaints
Policy on Management of Conflict of Interest

FICA Internal Rules
FIC Risk Indicators and Checklist
FIC Registration

Index to Compliance File

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Strategiese– en Besigheidsplan
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Beleid rondom Bestuur van Klagtes
Beleid rondom Bestuur van Konflik van Belange

FISW Interne Reels
FIS Risikobepalers en Kontrolelys
FIS Registrasie

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